Say hello to the new Bookmarklet!

We at love to hear about our users, what they like, what they dislike, and what they want. In the last month we received plenty of feedbacks from all of you, so let’s take a look at your improvements to the web application!

The new bookmarklet

We’ve decided to update the bookmarklet thanks to comments like:

  • «Love to have the ability to select which list I am saving to.» — feedback from a Big Drop Inc

When you click on the new bookmarklet, it will automatically add the current page to the last URList you’ve selected. If you want to change the list where you want to add the current page, you can pick another list directly within the bookmarklet box by using the new dropdown menu.


Please notice: you don’t need to reinstall the bookmarklet, it is automatically updated.

No more “edit mode”

We’ve decided to remove the edit mode. Now your own lists are always editable, you don’t need to swich from edit off to edit on.

Every time you come back to, you will see the latest urlist you are editing; to create a new urlist just press the “New urlist” button on the top of the page.

What’s next

Another much requested feature is to edit the titles of the URLs in the list. Don’t worry, we are working on it!

Feel free to drop us a line using the feedback form you can find on the bottom of!

URList is online!

URList is a nifty, handy web application to collect links you want to group.

Are you planning a trip with some friends and looking for a place to spend the night? Make a URList of the most interesting hotels and share the edit link with your fellow travelers: this way they can see your preferences and add theirs.

Do you want to surprise your followers with the ultimate best web design companies? Generate a list and post the share link on Twitter.

But URList isn’t just that. URList and linkography aresynonyms.
Have you ever noticed how dull it is to write down a link? Well, now think about writing down all the links in a newspaper or a magazine, the result is… you’re not gonna do it (:

URList is different, with one link you have a world of new links. Use URList for your articles, your résumé or portfolio (if you have a magazine and you use this service please let us know). Oh, the links generated by URList are also printer–friendly: you won’t get screwed by the characters “1Il” or “oO0”.

We’re confident you’ll find plenty of creative ways to use URList.

So why still here? Go make URLists now!