URList is online!

URList is a nifty, handy web application to collect links you want to group.

Are you planning a trip with some friends and looking for a place to spend the night? Make a URList of the most interesting hotels and share the edit link with your fellow travelers: this way they can see your preferences and add theirs.

Do you want to surprise your followers with the ultimate best web design companies? Generate a list and post the share link on Twitter.

But URList isn’t just that. URList and linkography aresynonyms.
Have you ever noticed how dull it is to write down a link? Well, now think about writing down all the links in a newspaper or a magazine, the result is… you’re not gonna do it (:

URList is different, with one link you have a world of new links. Use URList for your articles, your résumé or portfolio (if you have a magazine and you use this service please let us know). Oh, the links generated by URList are also printer–friendly: you won’t get screwed by the characters “1Il” or “oO0”.

We’re confident you’ll find plenty of creative ways to use URList.

So why still here? Go make URLists now!

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